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Hii is there any way to hide a category and it's all questions for some time and later publish it? I have created some unnecessary categories and now I want to Hide them. I know I can delete them but those categories have some questions, so hiding them will be great.

I also tried Noah's Privilege plugin but that plugin is not compatible with 1.7.4 and pages do not load!

Any help regarding this will be a huge favor, thank you!
Q2A version: 1.7.4
Can anyone answer ?

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No, this feature is not supported. You can hide all categories just by placing below line in css and later remove for enabling all categories.

.qa-nav-cat {display:none;}

Thank you Prothoughts For your response, but this is not what I need :/
But I somehow figured out another way of doing it!
Just Delete that category and assign that category questions to the category like Others or Uncategorized. Shared it here just in case if anyone needed it.
Thank you.