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I want to write a REST API by developing a plugin,

At first step i want get current route and ( if route matched to my route list [that it can be an array] ) send suitable response to client ..

Can anyone tell how can i do this? (a code example can be a good answer)

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Not sure how relevant this is to your needs but this repository has some code that provides a REST api to a JAVA client: https://github.com/m1ky91/q2a-rest-api
Is there any documentation for this ?
Doesn't look like it but you can always place a request for it in the issues section or contact the author through his email address.
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I've created a REST API that takes JSON and outputs JSON.

Just changed the status of the project to open in Gitlab.


I like getting thanked if it helped you :) 

This could be one of the most helpful contributions. Did create an android/ios app with your API? Can we see a sample?

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