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Verification Q&A 

Site\qa-theme\cleanstrap\inc\blocks.php my code add:

$row = qa_db_read_all_values(qa_db_query_sub('SELECT user_real FROM ^users WHERE userid=$', $uid));  
        if(in_array('user_real',$row)) echo 'Yes';
         else echo 'No';       
         if($row['user_real'] == 1){
           echo "Verify";
         } else {
           echo "<br/>No";

PhpMyAdmin->qa_users->user_real (int) 11

Why is the array empty?

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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Not sure where that field comes from. It's not part of Q2A so maybe it was added by a plugin?

If that's the case then the plugin is at fault since plugins shouldn't change the structure of Q2A core tables. You should contact the plugin author to resolve the issue.
verified user, I feel we should add this as a plugin. it is nice feature to have!