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Hello Everyone

I want to convert q2a to another scripts. Do you know anything or did u hear it ?

Mybb, phpbb,smf, wordpress etc.

wordpress integration is supported within Q2A. Joomla integration supported from Q2A 1.8.
What exactly do you mean by "converting"? Wordpress, phpbb etc are not Q&A apps so I'm not sure what you are expecting to happen.
Most probably, he is talking about migrating to other script.

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Go for WordPress. It has great API. Allows to develop anything you want. Developers and community are dedicatedly involved and regularly update it. So only 0.000000001% chance to come into the situation what Q2A is suffering.

Also, I would like to give suggestion to everyone who is running Q2A script for serious business. Just move to any other software (I recommend WordPress) before you get a big jerk in your business. I have lost hope for Q2A and gradually going to discontinue all my products.

Where leaders do not so much concern then, community cannot do anything than just finding a better alternative.
Very depressing...