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Looking for Blog Plugin

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asked Nov 5, 2016 in Plugins by wdvinit

I am Looking for Blog Plugin
any one have blog plugin please update
commented Feb 27, 2017 by Tibriz
why don't you simple install a new wordpress blog to your website.com/blog/
commented Feb 27, 2017 by Ronlaw
He probably wants to have both Q2A and WP in the same feed.

4 Answers

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answered Nov 5, 2016 by q2a.info
Here is FREE blog plugin.

commented Mar 1, 2017 by ProThoughts
This plugin is broken so dont use!
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answered Feb 27, 2017 by Mark Jones

I searched high and low for a Blog plugin that worked.  I tried the free one but that had many issues.  After some trial and error I created a separate blog by installing another Q2A with a shared user base (easy to do) ...

For the main Q2A installation config file ...

    define('QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX', 'qa_<--main here--->_');
    define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_');

For the blog installation config file ...

    define('QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX', 'qa_<--blog name here-->_');
    define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_');

Then I simply used a few plugins to give a 'blog appearance'.  These were:

Q2AM Hide Sidebar ...


QList Description ...


I also activated the avatar display in Admin to show mug shots. (found in 'users').

To finish off I added new links in the top bar - 'Blog' on the main and 'Forum' on the blog (as I'm using Q2A as a forum).

The above has given me the ability to have unlimited blogs for users should they wish to have one (just by creating a new category for them) though mainly it will be used for myself to create articles.  Only downside is the user can't create categories but they can just ask should they want a blog with sub categories.

Here is the result on a new site I've just created ...

Q2A Forum ...


Q2A Blog ...


Works perfectly for me smiley .

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answered Mar 1, 2017 by Edzai Zvobwo

I have  the blog plugin but it doesnt sync points with the rest of the Q2a site. You can check it out on http://mathsgenius.co.za/qa/blogs

commented Mar 31, 2017 by Angel Daniel Valadez
where can i find this plugin?
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answered Sep 30 by Ami

You can take a look this blog plugin.

commented Oct 2 by arjunsuresh
That's done if you use BetterPoints plugin.
commented Oct 2 by ProThoughts
Good to know that! will it work without exam plugin?
commented Oct 2 by arjunsuresh
Yes it should. Both exam and blog plugins are optional.
commented Oct 2 by ProThoughts

adding link to plugin in this thread, it will be helpful to someone.