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This problem has been resolved. thank you. But the Badges page is missing. half. Half of the page is empty and the other half has badges with explanations. Why half of badges page is empty?

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may be css issue. Try this plugin with Snow or classic theme first, just to check if everything is working fine or not.
thank you friend. Worked in snow theme.
But i am using the snowflat theme. Can you help me please
@jatin.soni, can you please help with this for SnowFlat theme.
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Just an HTML issue.

1. Edit file qa-badge-page.php

2. Locate the process_request($request) function

3. Replace it with this one https://gist.github.com/pupi1985/15e2fd803a3ab5b023085629165216f1

@pupi1985 excellent!

I feel we should add this plugin as a default plugins of Q2A after making some modifications. What do you think?
I believe the code quality is a bit below the core plugins. Some radical changes should be done before doing so. Even if that was the case, it can still be downloaded by users so I don't think there is a need to include it in the Q2A release. Anyway, it is not my call :)
Now NoahY is not maintaining this plugin so people are facing issues.

I feel this is one of the critical feature for any QA site to grow, giving badges to users is like encouragement. People will get more involved in QA discussion if they see rewards.  Scott really need to think about including this plugin as a part of Q2A. We all can provide inputs to improve this plugin and design in a better way.

@Scott, please let us know your thoughts on this.