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Is a license out there for buying, so Q2A could be used without open sourcing the code for bigger companies, who's legal department is against OpenSource code?

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Your question has something that is unclear. What do you mean by "Q2A could be used without open sourcing the code"?

I get the impression you think a company is forced to publish the code somehow. If that is the case, that is not correct. The company can use it internally and make any needed changes. The issue comes only when the company wants to distribute the code but you haven't mentioned that in your question so I'm assuming it is not needed.

The license is GPLv2. It is the only license. You can't distribute in derivative work unless you're using a GPL-compatible license (and I'm pretty sure the legal department won't like any of those!).

If you need more info I've made a deeper analysis in this question: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/46924

Thanks for your answer and the link to the other question. That helps :)