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Would it be possible to install/configure several instances of Q2A on the same server, but all of them using the same user base (provided by a main site in joomla).
Also, it is essential that each instance uses a different language configuration.
I don't need (not yet) many details about the configuration, just a simple but absolutely safe yes/no answer about the feasibility of such configuration.

The reason is that each instance would be dedicated to a separate language. Possibly even more than one instance for some languages (i.e. English may have separate instances dedicated to US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc, and the same applies to Spanish, French and a few other languages spoken in different countries.)

I do not need to mix users from different languages on the same instance.
In short, it would be a multilingual setup, using multiple Q2A "zones" but each of them is monolingual.
Initially I would start with half dozen languages, and perhaps 2-3 instances per language, but the whole setup may expand to 15-20 languages and perhaps some more instances, for English and some other few languages.

I hope this is sufficiently clear to explain my necessity.

Thanx in advance.

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It may be possible, that was the intention when below feature was added. I never tried and also not seen anyone using. I think Joomala is supported in latest github version. Scott may be able to add more details here.

see this also


If you are able to get it working then please share your experience, I'm also interested in this.
Thank you. I had already seen that page and read it (quickly) because it was referring to WordPress. I also know, from this forum, that the next version 1.8.x will include the possibility to  integrate the software into Joomla. Which is excellent!!
I will try soon to make an installation, using the Joomla patch provided, but still, I would like to receive a firm confirmation or any other information related to the setup described.
In particular, I would like to know if any similar installation exists somewhere. Tx. G.