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Is it possible to have extra email for moderators (except the one they have already)?

It's because when moderators are on vacation/change job we would like to continue receiving emails and respond to our customers as quick as possible. So we want to set employees emails + shared email and therefore we are safe in terms we are not missing any feedback from customers.

We of course consider to make a redirects but before we do that, we would like to know if is is possible to do.

Q2A version: 1.7.1

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Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question exactly, but I'd like to suggest a potential solution.  

Depending on your organizations email setup, you could create a email group, add the intended recipients emails and enter the email-group email address to the Q&A email field shown above.  

This will allow you to email multiple recipients as intended and allow you to add more (than two) or remove recipients as needed.  Also, if someone receives a promotion or leaves the company you will not need to worry about changing the email address, just the groups recipients - a sure way to never miss emails.
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Leaving aside the non-Q2A email redirection approach you still have a couple of alternatives. BTW, all the "Is it possible..." questions can be answered with a "Yes" the only thing is how much time you'd like to spend on a solution :)

Without having to modify the database or juggling a lot to add an additional field in the profile section (which ideally would be a checkbox such as "On vacation" or "Redirect notifications") and even without having to hack the core... I would go for a plugin with an event module. Docs are here: http://docs.question2answer.org/plugins/modules-event

Just listen for whatever event you'd like to react and then proceed accordingly. An excellent example is in here (code linked to v1.7.1): https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/blob/e2428aad7b1aa69694111bc61991fefa3266cb92/qa-include/plugins/qa-event-notify.php

You could create a UI in the admin menu for the plugin to list comma-separated email addresses of users who should have their emails forwarded. Then just parse that field on every process_event and see if you want to react for the specific email of the user who should be receiving the notification (you could use the user id but it would be easier for most users to just add the email address). If you don't want to create the admin UI you can still just add an array in the event class with the emails you want to have redirected.

BTW, this won't stop the notifications to reach the original recipient. It will just add another notification to a custom email address.