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I have Q2A platform translated into Georgian language (my native tongue). Ho can I contribute it to Q2A?

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Hello, I assume you are the same person that made the pull requests on the Q2A GitHub. I've answered over there but I'll answer here too.

We don't have translations in the Q2A core repo, but you can make your own repo with the files and we can link to it from the Q2A docs. You could also put it in a zip file and host it somewhere else (e.g. on your own website) but I think the GitHub method is easier since others can contribute, and it saves you bandwidth on your site :)
Yes, I'm the same person. I made my own repo because you declined my pull requests.  Well, I see lots of language packs on Q2A website and I wanted to submit Georgian version. I'd be very happy if you will link my repo on Q2A website so it will be available for Georgian users and they will contribute, if they find any mistakes. It's a full translation and I'd be glad if you add it. Here it is:


I've sent this link in your feedback form so waiting for it to be added on your website. I'm very happy to have done something for this great project.