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Hello and stand still is visible on the same question format from the list at the top


I have been able to see that in other pages they leave static a prominent question immovable within the others that if they circulate. how can I do this

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It is a bit difficult to understand what you're looking for. I guess you're talking about featuring a question. There are a couple of plugins that might be useful:


hello pupi nice to see you again...
Well that brings me list of related questions but what I have observed is that a recent question or can not get to be related as the main question of the set of questions and remain fixed. How to achieve pupy
Sorry, but I don't really understand what you're asking (I guess the language is the issue here). NoahY's plugin gets a set of question IDs to the top of the Q&A page, in the /questions URL. Arjun's plugin will add a new sorting in the Q&A page, which can be accessed through the /questions?sort=featured URL. Of course, you have to manually feature if question before.
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Osea what I mean is that if a question is published, we can highlight it and be still and highlighted as the first question in the general list of questions
Regarding the plugins are clear. I saw them, but it is not what I am looking for