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Does anyone know how to show list of pending questions to user who submitted them?

because it looks like once user submits the question, there is no way to see them by user as long as they are pending and awaiting approval by admin.

Thanks for your help.

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There is no method currently to do that in Q2A, but you're right it would make sense to have that somewhere.

In the meantime it would be possible with a plugin, for example a widget in the sidebar that looks up any pending posts for the currently logged-in user and links to them.
@scott ! Thanks for your reply. I have been looking for this solution for while.  My users can not find submitted question anywhere because system does not send any pending questions email and users don't have any way to track pending questions. (Unless they have direct url)

We need two features :
1. Pending question email to user
2. Links to user's pending questions in user dashboard

Thanks for your help.