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How to make dynamic loading means when user scroll down page automatically load more scroll down more page expand?

with snow flat theme

I don't want to change any thing I am not a expert

tell the simple way for infinite scrolling of questions
I think there was a plugin for this, but I can't find it now.
Yep exactly. It was the plugin infinit ajax scroll developed by @sama55. However you cant download it anymore as sama55 removed all of his plugins from github. However i think this isnt so much hard to apply the infinite scrolling. I will try to build it tommorow.
That's a shame. Have you asked sams55 if he is willing to give it to you? Or maybe there is someone else that has a copy? If it was licensed under GPL then it's perfectly fine to use his work in a new plugin.

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I guess you are looking for this plugin, check with @sama55


or may be this plugin works