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I want to start a QA site in an Indian language. Is there any theme or plugin?

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You just need language add on for this, which language you are looking for?

Thank you for the information. I want to start it in Malayalam Language (not found in the add-ons)
@remo, download any language addon from above link and just convert all string to your required language. it should work. It is very simple.

You can see sites with other languages here
@Remo if you are doing do let me know if you need any help. The largest palindrome word language would be good for Q2A :)
@arjunsuresh, @ProThoughts thanks for the support. of course, I need your help. Happy to inform you all that a Malayalam Q&A site is live now. https://www.askdinkan.com/ started on 14/ July.  Just one week before I asked this question. I have little knowledge about coding, PHP, MySQL etc. One my friend helped me (He is also a member of this great community).  The site still facing some problems. That I will discuss with you later. Expecting a good support from this great community I am really happy to be a part of  Q2A.
Great remo :) Happy to see that you use Donut -- so issues should be solved easily. I'm not sure how popular Malayalam typing support is -- do you expect people to answer there by typing Malayalam?