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how to reduce server respond time in freehosting?
I am using freehosting.com for hosting 
my speed test  say reduce server respond time

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If you are going for production site then free hosting is not a good idea, it will come with lot of limitations.

Here are few things you can consider. 

  • Dont add any additional scripts in q2a, external dependencies like ads, chat, pop-up, etc.
  • Check site speed with tools and see what is taking more time to load.
  • Optimize images, if there are in QA.
  • Use latest php and mysql version, it will speed up site.
  • enable only required plugins.

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Free hosting is never going to be great but the site does seem very slow to me. If it's free I might give it a try myself with a test site and see how it fares.

What plugins do you have running? Try removing them one at a time and see if the speed improves. Maybe one of them is slowing down the site.

You could also try debug mode temporarily by setting QA_DEBUG_PERFORMANCE to true in qa-config.php. Turn it on, load a page on your site, then turn it off again quickly so no one else sees it. You will see some stats at the bottom of the page showing how long each part of the script took, and a list of MySQL queries with their time.

Post a screenshot and I'll look into it.
which website hosting i am suppose to use?
@Zeeshan, check below page
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OK so I tried setting up a site on the same freehosting. Even with a basic 1-question site and no modifications, it's very slow.

So it's clearly the server that is very slow, which is what you'll get with free hosting. It would be the same with any other software you have on there like Wordpress or Joomla.

I also checked using a 'IP neighbors' website and the server that my test site was on also hosts 760+ other websites! But this is just how shared hosting (and particularly free hosting) works, they shove hundreds of websites on one server, so of course each website is very slow.

You should look into paying for some decent hosting. You can get some great VPS servers for only a few $ per month these days.