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I want this search box?

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It mostly depends on your content, external links and sitemap, and if keyword is a brand name which your site is considered it's holder or main authority about it.

Since google's secret algorithm decides on how your links should be shown there is no 100% solution. however using a more structured sitemaps like the ones generated by q2a ultimate seo should help. also you can remove most navigation links and use 1 list for questions and 3 static pages(or pages which don't list questions because it might list duplicates of that one page you kept).

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Hi this is opensearch.xml

and q2a  have it by default (

<link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" title="Question2Answer Q&amp;A" href="./opensearch.xml">


google when show it your site have good content and good rank