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I'm now using Q2A 1.3 and I plan to upgrade to 1.4 but I'm concern a bit about risks may happen.

- Is Q2A 1.4 compatible with 1.3 theme?

- Does database scheme change? (Because I have an existing database in 1.3 version)
related to an answer for: when will Q2A 1.4 be released?

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1. I haven't checked yet, but it should be fine. Because in custom themes you only override certain functions, any functions you did not touch will be updated fine. You should check your functions in your theme against qa_theme_base to see if there is anything you need to integrate. I know that 1.4 adds a bunch of functions for the head element - i.e. moving all HTML output into the theme. See also the related question.

2. Probably - with new features you need new tables and fields. However, don't worry because the database is upgraded seamlessly when you upload all the files.

You could test the installation locally if possible, to check everything went OK. (You can get WampServer or something similar to run Apache/PHP/MySQL on your PC.)

All the above is correct. But just to clarify, when 1.4 is released, you'll have to add a few new classes to your custom theme's CSS file, to support widgets, flags, and (possibly) the view counter. In the release history I'll include more information about exactly what's new.