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While installing I am getting 

Database query error 1411

Incorrect string value: ''::1'' for function inet_aton

INSERT INTO qa_users (created, createip, email, passsalt, passcheck, level, handle, loggedin, loginip) VALUES (NOW(), COALESCE(INET_ATON('::1'), 0), 'onlineproblems@gmail.com', '8njo1iazto7c9rau', UNHEX('d9e38f7bab7984d39135ca938bdb68f9a4de9dab'), 120, 'ProblemsAdmin', NOW(), COALESCE(INET_ATON('::1'), 0))

Q2A version: 1.7.5

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This issue is explained here: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/issues/397

Most likely forcing the web server to listen in an IPv4 address will fix your issue. Alternatively, you could upgrade to 1.8-beta and that should solve it too, as it has IPv6 support which is, IMO, a very strong reason to upgrade.
Where can I find 1.8 beta version