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I need to put ads in the first answer or after it   

just appears in the answered questions pages  

Is there any assistance .

knowing that I am using widget anywhere and simple ad manager plugins but are do not contain that option

Q2A version: 1.7.4

2 Answers

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I liked idea of having ad in first answer. It will definitely help for better click rate. If scott or pupu1985 suggest how it can be implemented then will add this feature in simple ads manager.
Even using heatmap tools to find which part of question2answer websites will receive the most views you will find the first answer will get the greatest part of views that the visitor see it many times more than any part even the homepage even unanswered questions
the visitors go to the position of the first answer investigating the answer
that will help to increase the revenues twice and also can place a phrase written if you have found your question please try to answer an other unanswered questions => Link to the list
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Can you try below plugin, Arjun Suresh added feature to place ad after first answer.


Let me know if it works, I never tried his version.
I do see option for ad after first answer, see demo here
yes, that option is there. I'll try to add more features to it :)
I tried it the issue is that the ad appears just whenever there are more than one answer
There is a separate adblock for Ad after all answers. If that is enabled, and if there is only one answer, only one ad block will be shown.