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I would like to ask is it possible to add Q2A site as a subpage of Wordpress-based website? I don't mean full integration with Wordpress, like using the same user profiles, etc. Only functioning within the same site (and under the Wordpress theme).

Why am I asking about this? I would like to run a blog based on Wordpress which has additional possibility to ask a question or add an answer on a subpage of the same website. In main site (Wordpress) there would be only my user profile (Administrator), which will be used to publish news. Users would only be able to register and log in on the Q2A subpage to add questions and answers.

My plans are ambitious, but is it possible to do that? Thanks in advance for any answers.

PS. There was such a question a few days later, but it wasn't connected with exactly the same issue.

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Not possible,

but you design Q2A theme same as your wordpress theme and then install on yoursite/qa folder.
This is a kind of solution, but what If I would like to have the same main website menu on the top of both pieces of this site (Wordpress piece and Q2A piece)?
Yes, it is possible if you design q2a theme same as wordpress. Menu will look same for both.  also user will not know if it is wordpress or q2a site.
Thanks a lot. One more question: I don't have PHP skills (only html and css), so I have to pay someone for making q2a theme. Can you tell me how much will I pay for it (more or less)?
contact Jatin, he develop beautiful q2a themes.