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I have enabled Video embeding plugin and I tried to copy, paste youtube URL and also HTML code but it doesn`t work. When I copy URL into question or answer it shows me https://www.youtube.com/*****?v=2tAxnPocoS (stars in the middle). However there should not be stars in this link. Can you please help me to resolve this issue

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I bet you have censored the word watch so when Q2A displays the question replaces the references to that word in the question content with stars, braking the link. Remove the censored word from admin/posting and problem should be fixed.

Same thinking her, **tch sensored :D
Wooow. Gabriel you are amazing! You are 100% right.
It works now. Thank you so much.
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You are using which plugin?


This plugin has https fix. https://github.com/arjunsuresh/q2a-embed
I checked my qa-embed-layer.php file and it is already fixed to https but still no result :(
@ProThoughts even my version of Embed plugin also have https fix (I fixed it 2 months ago). Moreover, I think @pupi1985 is right with his answer.
Thank you guys for your involvement. Pupi1985 is right, I have removed "watch" word from censored words and it is working now.
@Gurjyot Singh, thanks for the clarification. not checked code of your plugin, just replied based on commit.

Please keep updating plugin as you see any issues in future, thanks.

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