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Hello all

Where can  I find the exam plugin in this site ?


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Well this was not officially released as a plugin. The current one being used on the given site has some part which is custom to the site. If some people are interested we can make it available as a proper plugin.
@arjunsuresh, looks like many are interested, it will be better if you make general(not theme specific) and release as a paid plugin. thanks.

Does this plugin give user points after taking quiz?
The exam creation, exam pages all are default Q2A pages meaning any Q2A theme will be applied. The Quiz taking interface is completely different -- quiz opens in a new window -- and it has a different theme.

It is made relying on Q2A -- so it throws events and using this the betterpoints plugin gives points for Quiz creation, quiz taking etc.

I'll try to release it -- but might take some time.
No problem, take your time for release.

Does this plugin add content in separate tables or q2a tables? when someone uninstall plugin q2a should function normally.
we are waiting the plugin arjun :)
most awaited release waiting ...

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