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Thank you very much for wonderful software.

Can we make name and Email fields as mandatory in ask a question form. ?

How to do it. Please help.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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I have the same need

I don't want make registration mandatory but name ed email yes

It's similar but the user feel different
From a GDPR perspective it doesn't matter if the user is registered or not. You're still collecting (and presumably processing) personal information, so GDPR regulations still apply.
Is maybe true that I process (just 1 time) but is not exactly the same.

Anyway the mostra important is that the costumer feeling realy different
I would like know if it is possible or not
Legally it's exactly the same. Sorry.
Maybe you are true
but it's not the same as "users experience"
It's really easier if a user have just to fill name and email instead of register