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I'm using Q2A on a network of sites on different subdomains. I share the same Q2A code except the qa-config.php file. And the same login works for all - if a user login to one site, he does not need to login separately for any other. But now I added 3 more subdomain sites following the same method. But now, if ever I visit any of these new sites I automatically gets logged out. Everything else is fine and manual login works fine but I'm not able to know why this logout happens only for these new sites as all sites are using the same code including the plugins (database is different except the users table).
Q2A version: 1.8
closed with the note: Problem fixed
Is there any difference in domain structure of the new and previous sites?
Nopes. Same domain structure.
Thank you Pupi, while answering you I got a hint. Initially by mistake I was using a different user table for the new sites (which was later changed) and some cookies were created in a different name. Clearing the cookies fixed the issue.
It totally smelled to be a cookies issue :)