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Where is the CSS Code?

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asked Apr 14 in Q2A Core by MONKEY
for cellular view. I want to change the green for another color but I can not find the code( in ask a question)

Please see link

commented Apr 15 by pupi1985
Don't forget to include the Q2A version in the custom question field

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answered Apr 15 by pupi1985
selected Apr 15 by MONKEY
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You seem to be using Q2A v1.7.4 and a modified SnowFlat theme. The simplest approach would be this:

1. Edit file qa-theme/SnowFlat/qa-styles.css

2. Look for these CSS selectors and change the colors inside (don't change the selector names only the colors!):
.qam-ask-mobile a.turquoise

commented Apr 15 by MONKEY
Hi Pupi
use 1.7.4 why the following are letting users pass without their administration having approved them
I has this question

Thanks for your support
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answered Apr 16 by priyasengp45
Check CSS coding in their source code. Just click Ctrl+u and view source code.