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how do i show html contents on  every end of answer  page ? if question having 3 above answer means i want to show my html contents on every end of answer page

please help me to solve this

For Example you can take google ads if i want to show my google ad on every answer page means where do i want to put that code in which file,

i my question having 10 answer means  i want to show my ads at every answer

please help me soon  i tried this for last one weak i did not find that file
Q2A version: 1.8

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You need to create an advanced theme as explained on this page. Depending on exactly where you want the content to go, you'll need to override the a_item_main or a_item_content functions. An example would be:

public function a_item_main($a_item)
    parent::a_item_main($a_item); // outputs the answer as normal
    $this->output('<div>Your custom HTML here</div>');

Do note that Adsense limits you to 3 ads per page so you can't go and put ads after every answer if there are 10.

If the above is too complicated you can try the Widget Anywhere plugin which will allow you to put HTML code after the question (before the answers) and at the bottom of the page. But it doesn't do after every answer.

Actually Google has removed the "3 ads" restriction. Now it is < 50% of active content. Google wants us to spread the page with ads :)
Also in my opinion it is much better to use Google Auto Ads - though it might add a lot of ads.
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thanks i finished thank u  so much