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Hello Guys.

I want to integrate my Q2A with my joomla 3.8 on the same server.

i was install this plugin on my joomla site:


and i put this code on (qa-external-users.php):

//Find the Joomla! path (if Q2A is installed correctly in subdirectory of Joomla, Joomla's root directory should be a level above the parent of the current folder).
$joomlaPath = dirname(dirname(__DIR__));
if (!file_exists($joomlaPath.'')) {
    exit("Could not find Joomla! root directory.");
//Find the Joomla! plugin
$pluginPath = $joomlaPath.'/plugins/q2a/qaintegration/';
if (!file_exists($pluginPath.'/qaintegration.php')) {
    exit("Could not find Joomla! qaintegration plugin.");
//Include the
require ($pluginPath.'/qa-external/qa-external-users.php');

but once i check my Q2A this message will show:

Could not find Joomla! qaintegration plugin.

this message its already inside the code, it mean Q2A couldn't find the plugin which i installed on my joomla.

please do you know about this issue?

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Those instructions may be out of date. Q2A has Joomla integration out of the box, so you shouldn't need to mess with the external-users file.

In your qa-config.php, uncomment the line with the constant QA_JOOMLA_INTEGRATE_PATH then set the correct path for it. Then I think it should just work with the plugin.
I am sorry.  Are there any instructions on how to do this?  I could not find any documentation for this.

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