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I have a large forum for 5 years and I started working with with Clean Talk the last year with great results.

If you need antispam solutions try this.

Download this to you root


  • Proceed to address: YOUR_WEBSITE.DOMAIN/ctsetup.php

then get a free key for ctsetup.php, then all is ready.

make a test..with . test@cleantalk.org on you registration form

You should get
*** Forbidden. Sender blacklisted. ***

Only $8 a year + 3 months free http://cleantalk.org/


Q2A version: 1.8
How, if at all, are you associated with CleanTalk that you are promoting it so heavily on Q2A?
Define associated, i use CleanTalk like regular user, I do not belong to the company.
I have used it for a short time. I've blocked spam records, but I don't know if it's reliable. He wants us to add two lines of code to the index.php file. I have concerns about performance and reliability. For example, could cleantalk see a non-spam mail address as spam?
Just want to add that I’ve been using CleanTalk for about 2 months now and it's the first solution that has reliably filtered most of my spam. I understand why the installation looks shady, but I can recommend it.

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Fix the category error :

Go to public_html/index.php  ( of Q2 script ) .. at the end remove :


var apbct_checkjs_val = '<? echo $apbct_checkjs_val; ?>';


<script src="cleantalk/js/js_test.js"></script>

then go back to your site, and check category, now work fine, then make a test for the antispam.

Try register with " test@cleantalk.org"  ..then go to you log on cleantalk an check that.