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I don't know if this is the place to report suspected bug, let me know if it's supposed to be done another way.

What happened is this....

User X created a question.

Admin Y edits the question. (In this case to add a tag.)

In the Recent Activity list what is shown for that question is....

edited by Y title-for-X (points-for-X)

i.e. The title and points shown are those of the original asker, not the person responsible for the edit action which is listed.
even I'm able to see this.
Gideon can you please explain on this.

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Thanks - this is a bug which has been around for a while - well caught!

To fix it, change the following line in qa-db-selects.php:

" LEFT JOIN ^userpoints AS edituserpoints ON editposts.userid=edituserpoints.userid".

... to ...

" LEFT JOIN ^userpoints AS edituserpoints ON editposts.lastuserid=edituserpoints.userid".

This fix will also be rolled into the 1.4 beta. Thanks again.