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i want to change a bit the way the search is made and the results are displayed.

i have installed Q2A about one week ago and i'm not very familiar with its architecture.

i need some hints on how to implement this new search page.

Indeed, it would be great at least to improve results display:
To sort search results by age/views/points/hotness (now it is random order).
Is it possible to be done in 1.5.1 ?
Version 1.5 is scheduled to enable search plugins which can implement more of this sort of functionality.

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any suggestions?
I don't know whether this fits the description "custom" (i wish it were the default behavior)

Please consider displaying atop the search results page
"XX results found"
or something to that effect, indicating the total number/count.

Why wish for this? Thanks for asking (ha ha)
If my search was "too generic" and resulted in too many matching items, I probably won't welcome sifting through many pages. If the search results page would inform me, right up front, "found 513 matches"... I'd realize that I ought to use a more specoffic query.