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I was just wondering if there was any difference?

Thanks a lot.

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http://q2a.domain.com is not a top level domain (it is sub domain ) and most important part is

http://domain.com/q2a is top level domain + directory + you can add pages with q2a\questionandanswer.ext.

I dont have more time explain but 2nd one get more advantage than 1st


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I feel http://q2a.domain .com is a good option to keep your site organized. if you look at google their most of the sites use subdomain than sub directories.
like: news.google.com , maps.google.com, mail.google.com etc.
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Using sudomain is more flexible. For example, you can easy move it to a separate server if traffic will grow rapidly. In fact, subdomain is treated by Google like separate website. You can easy remove whole content (from Google index) for subdomain if needed. With subdirectory it is impossible.