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Can you provide some dummy data that I can load my database with and test / style?
Good idea, that would be useful for many.

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It's a good idea, but it's not part of Q2A yet.

However version 1.4 will include a new set of functions (in a file named qa-app-posts.php) which make it much easier to programmatically create and manipulate content within Q2A. There will also be new functions for temporarily suspending notifications, indexing, etc... Combined with the existing functions in qa-app-users-edit.php, these will make it really easy to write a script which auto-generates dummy users and content.

Perhaps someone will do this as a plugin, wrapped in a custom page module?

It seems I haven't made myself clear; I am requesting dummy data - not an api to produce that so that I can style my q/a page, since unless I do that there is no way of knowing how things will be affected (unless I'm either a) a q2a expert or b) I use every visible feature of q2a and style them.

Perhaps, you could provide some live data from this live-site (of course with the usernames and passwords replaced with gibberish). That would be really helpful!