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Privacy of data when hosting Q2A on private server

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asked Aug 9 in Q2A Core by anonymous
If a commercial enterprise runs Q2A on its own private server, is it guaranteed that no data is sent outside the private network?

For example, is any data sent back to question2answer.org or any external site?

In other words, from the point of view of keeping commercial info private is Q2A suitable for a commercial company to host on its own site ?
commented Aug 10 by pupi1985
"is it guaranteed that..." => Could you clarify what kind of warranties could a GPL product have?
commented Aug 10 by petermcollings
Good point, I guess "guaranteed" was too strong. I am simply looking for information on whether Q2A is suitable to use internally on a private server inside a company. I couldn't find any details yet in the documentation I read.
commented Aug 11 by pupi1985
I believe only the Q2A core and plugin version checkers go outside. Of course, maybe some plugin might do that as well (e.g.: the facebook login will somehow have to hit facebook, right?)

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answered Aug 10 by petermcollings
Sorry, I meant to add a comment, not an answer. Please delete if possible.