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I've got the impression that Q2A has become slower with the new version?

every time I click on a buttion I can see the page gets refreshed first without style-sheet information (see screenshot) and afterwards the style information gets loaded...

Is this related to my computer - or does anybody else got this effect?
(with former versions up to 1.32 I've never got this....)

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I don't have this problem, never had. It might help if you minimize the CSS file?

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The only possible cause I can think of is the move to jQuery, which is quite a bit bigger to download than the jxs library previously used. I'm guessing your browser is requesting that before the CSS file, so in the next version I'll change the order of the <HEAD> tags round to make this less likely in future.

Ideally css should be in the <head> tags while the javascript should be in the bottom of the <body>. This is according e.g. the best practices for page load speed from Yahoo (as used in the tool YSlow). I guess until this is changed in the next version an advanced theme could be used to accomplish the same.
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I have fixed this with very simple solution,

1. In qa-include/qa-theme-base.php

2. Find funtion head()

3. replace order of




If you are using advanced theme you can do this in your qa-theme.php
Thanks Jaygiri. FYI the next version (beta 2 or release) will also change the order in a similar sort of way.
I get a 'judder' as some pages reload.The content loads and then shifts a few millimeters to the right and then back as it 'restyles'. I assume this is the same effect as above. I tried the above fix in the qa-theme-base file but it has not cured it. Bizarrely it doen't always happen. is it a cache problem also?