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I created my Q&A site some weeks ago at


but I haven't been able to login (as admin). When I try to login (with the correct login details) I see a message telling me to "Click Again". But clicking again does nothing.

Can anyone give me some idea what's gone wrong here? Or point me to somewhere or someone who can help? It's driving me nuts, and I'm going to have to delete the software shortly unless I can fix the problem.

Alternatively, can anyone familiar with this software take a quick look at my qa_config file and let me know if they can see any glaring errors? (I've uploaded the file as a txt file to a different server so that it can be viewed). http://costatropical.com/qa-config.txt

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Can you try to log in again using browser in private mode? Is the problem still happening?

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As well, please remove your first post link to qa-config.txt because it's revealing personal information about your database.