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when is 1.8.1 is coming ? what are the improvements ?

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asked Oct 9 in Q2A Core by Zeeshan
Q2A version: 1.8

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answered Oct 11 by pupi1985
selected Oct 12 by Zeeshan
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Just take a look at the bugfix branch in order to see all the changes so far. Among others, you can see:

  • Upgrade CKEditor to 4.10.0
  • Fixes to the count notices when using PHP 7.2
  • Fix anonymous user images not being displayed
  • Fix to a content encoding error when using PHP 5.3
  • Change how PHPMailer classes are loaded
  • Update hidden HTML to avoid its detection as malware
  • Fix missing email confirmation link in user account

There are also some pull requests created for the bugfix branch, but I can't confirm they will be merged or not. Those are here.

Regarding the date, it is not defined at the moment.

commented Oct 17 by q2apro
"Update hidden HTML to avoid its detection as malware" - Can you elaborate on that?