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How Can Fix 1.8 Canonical Problem?

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asked Nov 27 in Q2A Core by alicin111
Q2A version: 1.8
commented Nov 27 by pupi1985
This opens a question. Suppose the content the user is looking for is in page 2 (which could be the parameter "start=5", in your case). Should the canonical URL point to page 2 or to page 1 (without the "start=5")?

I understand the URL is cleaner for the raw page 1 but the information the user was looking for is not really there.
commented Nov 27 by alicin111
what does itsm mean?
commented Nov 27 by pupi1985
You'll have to communicate better in order to find answers to your questions
commented Nov 30 by alicin111
What does its mean??

1 Answer

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answered Nov 30 by Scott
This is by design. Each page of answers is a different page so it should have a different canonical, as per the definition.