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I would like to have "Questions" before "All activity".

So basically I need to change the order.

Can someone help me with this?

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For now this has to be changed in the core source code - search for $qa_content['navigation']['main'] in function qa_content_prepare(...) in qa-page.php to see how the menu is built up. You can reorder the relevant parts of the function.

Thank you, I've done it!
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Please gid, try to implement a solution in the admin panel for this. The first section of /admin/pages would be suitable. This request above is more than 2 years old ;)

Your solution is a core hack (which all should not do) and NoahY's solution below seems too heavy for such a basic thing.
totally agree! use numbers to order...
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+1 for this feature request!

Why not have numbers in the "Administration center - Pages" for the order in the navigation?
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Actually, this is pretty easy, just do something like this in your theme file:

        function nav_list($navigation, $class, $level=null)
            $this->output('<UL CLASS="qa-'.$class.'-list'.(isset($level) ? (' qa-'.$class.'-list-'.$level) : '').'">');
            if($class=='nav-main') {
                $new_order = array('custom-1','ask','tag','unanswered','questions','user','admin','custom-6','custom-5');
                $temp_nav = array();
                foreach ($new_order as $key) {
                        $temp_nav[$key] = $navigation[$key];
                $navigation = $temp_nav;

            foreach ($navigation as $key => $navlink) {
                $this->set_context('nav_key', $key);
                $this->set_context('nav_index', $index++);
                $this->nav_item($key, $navlink, $class, $level);

Where $new_order is an array of the items you want in the order you want them - do print_r($navigation) to see what keys are for what items.

Your code is working fine but unable to get custom HTML home page lable into nav link.. any idea?
I have same issue that custom HTML page isn't working..
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This feature is implemented in my product.

Wow, you really should write your website in non-engrish, ie, propper english.