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I want to add mathjax in default q2a editor, mathjax plugin provided by @arjun is not having all icon in editor
Q2A version: 1.8.0

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I'd like to recommend my custom CKEditor https://github.com/tangruize/q2a-formatter.

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Hi tangruize I am using SNowflat theme and Mathjax plus your CKeditor/WYSIWYG on https://mathsgee.com/qna/4/significance-einstein-theory-relativity

Th problem is that the latex math statements render as very small font. Do you have any idea how i can resolve this?
Hi Edzai Zvobwo. I visited your site using Chrome and find the font size is the same with other fonts. Do you think the font is still too small ?
There is a way to zoom it. Right click the math formula, you can see some settings: Math Setting - Zoom Trigger - Hover/Click/Double Click.   Can this solution meet your needs?
BTW, the CKeditor/WYSIWYG seems not my config?
It seems that you changed the theme. SnowFlat theme works well in my computer Chrome. But in my Android phone, the font is really small. I think you have solved the problem by using another theme. Is that right?
Thanks for the response. I solved it by using the theme Snowlight as opposed to Snowflat. Thanks