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How to deactivate plugins - "tick" option in unselectable in the plugins page. Removing the plugin from Cpanel causes the website to stop working

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Some plugins that are distributed with Q2A are essential for Q2A to work properly, so those cannot be disabled.

Some plugins that are not distributed with Q2A are a bit old and don't have the ability to be disabled (although most of them could be disabled but the developers have not implemented that). Anyway, the core should work properly without them.
Hi, I'm talking about the 3rd party plugins. I can't disable them and many of them causes error when removed from the CPanel. How to remove them properly.
No third party plugin should cause errors upon removal unless they have changed data in the core that made it unstable. This is highly unlikely, though. Probably, you should check each of those plugin errors with the plugin developers.

The workaround would be to change the "load_order" to "after_db_init" in each of those plugins. Check the docs here: http://docs.question2answer.org/plugins
I haven't tried it yet. Will let you know. Thank you.