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issue with Green theme on 1.4 beta2

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asked Jun 8, 2011 in Q2A Core by Scott Novell
The tag cloud plugin does not work along with adding ads to the sidebar for the green theme, When I switch to default theme they show up.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 11, 2011 by gidgreen

The theme will need to be updated for 1.4 - please contact the author.


commented Jun 14, 2011 by Scott Novell
What is it missing that I need to ad to it?
commented Jun 15, 2011 by gidgreen
You need to add the following CSS classes from the default theme (where there are ..., it means several classes match)

commented Nov 15, 2011 by proteinfolder
I put all lines with string matches to the 5 you listed from Default qa-styles.css into GreenTheme qa-styles.css, but this didn't solve the problem.  

It seems like the qa-tag-cloud.php is supposed to write out a div block with this css class "qa-nav-cat-list qa-nav-cat-link", but I see nothing on the loaded page using firebug.
commented Nov 16, 2011 by gidgreen
@proteinfolder - can you explain what the problem is?