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I need to import a curated list of tags into the q2a via phpmyadmin

To which table i need to import

i see qa_tagwords table there, do i need to import there

Any clues?
What are you trying to achieve? Tags don’t exist without questions to go with them.
i need to import the questions too.....

If i already load with some curated list of tags.... it will be useful for my users to utilize these tags when posting question

I dont want an empty site

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If you are going to import questions via CSV you can set the ‘tags’ field for each question. Then go to Admin > Stats and click the ‘Reindex content’ button, your tag pages should be filled.

There was also an importer plugin posted here a little while back which may be of use. I think it handled all the indexing and such for you.

Update: it is possible to do some kind of curation of tags. The auto-suggestion of tags comes from the JavaScript variable qa_tags_complete which is generated based on existing tags. However, if you have no existing tags you can manually set the variable.

In your theme (or layer plugin), in the head_script() function add this at the bottom:

$this->output_raw("<script>var qa_tags_complete = 'question,example,tags';</script>");

And replace question,example,tags with a comma-separated list of whatever tags you want to show up. Or you can add to existing tags by using += instead of =

You could try the above in conjunction with my Tagging Tools plugin if you want to force the user to use those tags.

OK made an update now with a possible solution.
Thanks for you answer scott... it was very useful.. but i also want to import some questions with tags to phpmyadmin

how can i acheive it