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I just recently started using this script and it’s great but I would like to see a couple things:

 - Allow users to delete their own account but keep the users posts on the site if they want and are not spam but change the usernames to something like “Deleted User” on those posts.
 - Allow the admin to confirm users accounts in the admin cp if they didn’t get the email. (Yes I know there is a way you can do it but it will just make it easier.)
 - Let the user add security questions to add more security to their accounts.
 - Allow admins/mods to pin questions to the top of the site.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see some of those in a upcoming update!
"...Allow users to delete their own account..."
Here's a discussion about this feature

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I like your topic that is why I want to talk about some upcoming update too.

- There is no just english lang. also there many languages who use accent letter in url , cat , tags.In sitemap they look very badly. So there has to be ability to change url slug and also description for cat and tags.

- Plugins dont work with all versions.For example I want to use 1.8* but Some plugins dont work with it.Like ultimate seo , Advansed Tag Desciption.

- Also Developer have to take care about "Seo" in q2a.At least there has to be seo tools like Ultimate seo.

I want to see theme in future upcoming update.If could be it will be more good.