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How To Use Cookie-Free Domains?

In WordPress:

Edit your config.php file to reflect the following:

define("WP_CONTENT_URL", "http://static.yourwebsite.com");

define("COOKIE_DOMAIN", "www.yourwebsite.com");

How I configure for my Q2A website?

Q2A version: Cookie-Free-Domain

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in qa-config.php :


If you wish, you can define QA_COOKIE_DOMAIN so that any cookies created by Q2A are assigned

to a specific domain name, instead of the full domain name of the request by default. This is

useful if you're running multiple Q2A sites on subdomains with a shared user base.

define('QA_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.example.com'); // be sure to keep the leading period


add your website  and save :) 


define('QA_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.yourwebsite.com');


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