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Hi guys,

  The voting doesn't seem to work with IE but does work with Chrome and Firefox on our version of Q2A, we have a custom theme and use external user authenication. We also haven't published the site yet, so its no available externally.

The request looks like this:



postid 62
qa ajax
qa_operation vote
qa_root ./
uid 1308843067353
vote 0


<DIV CLASS="qa-vote-buttons qa-vote-buttons-net">
	<INPUT  TITLE="Click to vote up" NAME="vote_62_1_q62" onClick="return qa_vote_click(this);"  TYPE="submit" VALUE="+" CLASS="qa-vote-first-button qa-vote-up-button" onmouseover="this.className='qa-vote-first-button qa-vote-up-hover';" onmouseout="this.className='qa-vote-first-button qa-vote-up-button';"> 
	<INPUT  TITLE="Click to vote down" NAME="vote_62_-1_q62" onClick="return qa_vote_click(this);"  TYPE="submit" VALUE="&ndash;" CLASS="qa-vote-second-button qa-vote-down-button" onmouseover="this.className='qa-vote-second-button qa-vote-down-hover';" onmouseout="this.className='qa-vote-second-button qa-vote-down-button';"> 
<DIV CLASS="qa-vote-count qa-vote-count-net">
	<SPAN CLASS="qa-netvote-count">
		<SPAN CLASS="qa-netvote-count-data">0</SPAN><SPAN CLASS="qa-netvote-count-pad"> votes</SPAN>
<DIV CLASS="qa-vote-clear">

The error thrown is in a dialogue box and is "Unexpected response from server - please try again."

I have seen this question asked before but not when it works on some browsers but not another...any thoughts?

Just set external users back to false and the error is still present.
OK. So what happens on a completely clean install of Q2A, without external user integration? Also, please let me know the versions of Q2A, IE, PHP and your web server.
The latest stable build of Q2A. I'm using IE7, the web server is Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit. PHP is version v5.3 as installed from the Microsoft Web Installer. MySQL is version 5.5.13 as installed by the Microsoft Web Installer.
Thanks. And the other bit of my question please?

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