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I have updated my Q2A 1.8.3 and tried to modify texts for "Notice at top for new registered users - HTML allowed",

I checked the checkbox after modifying texts, BUT it is still sowing old texts for logged in users:

I had checked after clear cache/data & also checked in other browsers. Tried many ways to resolve this issue but this is not reflecting.

Also tried to remove & unchecking box, still not reflecting ...

Could you please resolve this issue, thanks in advance.

Q2A version: 1.8.3
Please resolve this issue.

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In my test environment, that feature worked correctly in V1.8.3. Visitor visits are recorded in browser cookies (it is not cache). Try to delete cookies correctly follow the instructions below.


Thank you @sama55 for your response. That works now.

Also, can I set HTML message for all logged in users. I also want same text box/option given in above screen shot from "user section for admin".

Please note I seen given some HTML boxes/options from "layout section for admin", these options are not working as per my expectation because some of running top or between question body question title.

I just want same progg code as given in SS with "all logged in users" in place "new registered users". Can I do it? Can I copy & paste that code?

Could you please tell me if there is any possibility with that code and file name to edit.

Thanks in advance.