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Im receiving a lot of spam emails via feedback. How can I stop them
Q2A version: 183. Bugfix

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I do not know from which version, but capture module seems to be disabled by default in V1.8.3. Basically, this is not a bug, it will be a specification change. But I think too that's a no good change that accepts spam by default.

How to use capture module again:

Admin > Plugins > reCAPTCHA <= Enabled
Admin > Spam > Use captcha on feedback form <= ON ※1

※1: These options are only shown if any capture module is enabled.

However, if the capture module does not prevent spam, other measures may be necessary.
1. Use captcha on feedback form: turned on.
2. Yes
3. from not logged in users.
4. It looks mechanical
If the capture is useless, the solution may be difficult.

Another solution is to change the URL of the feedback form in $QA_CONST_PATH_MAP in qa-config.php.
    $QA_CONST_PATH_MAP = array(
        'feedback' => 'contact',

By the way, is feedback form absolutely necessary for you?
If it is not necessary, stopping the feedback form is the best solution.
If it is necessary,  it may be effective to stop Q2A feedback form and add other free contact form.

This is all I can advise.
How to disable it
Admin > Emails > Provide a page for users to send feedback = OFF