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Why isn't there such an option @ permissions?

I would like to give non-registered users also the option to vote for questions.

Can someone help me out?
The likely answer is it would be too open to abuse.

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Indeed, it's feels too open to abuse. But if there is a lot of demand for it, I can think about how to implement it as safely as possible.
Well, I agree it may be too open for abuse, but you may wanna implement it in such a way that non-registered visitors can only vote up to 5 times a week or so per ID address (just an idea).
is it possible with a very basic hack? i need to do it.

one ip, one vote to one question. thats it.

i'd like to second this option as well, understandably it's one that would be open for abuse but having the option would be suitable for my needs in using this script on a public access terminal. i figure that it should be possible to implement a time limit on how many 'anonymous' votes could be placed upon a question within a certain time limit. i can't find any script that is suitable for public access as they all seemingly depend upon a multi-user registration system in order to function.
I'd really like to see this function added as well.  Our organization deals with a small audience and we're more worried about people not bothering to register than about vote abuse.  This would be really helpful.

PS... thank you all for an AWESOME system!
Me also - it would be good to have this option. IMO the admin should be conscious of abuse threat, but still be able to enable such a function.
Useful for me.
Even if it's just implemented as IP or cookie-based virtual anonymous users, that'd be fine. The potential for abuse will always be there, but it's something individual site admins can decide to deal with or not.

Pretty, pretty please consider this feature?
I would also want the feature. It it that hard to make an option an put a note "not recommended" or smth. I need it badly I don't know what to do. I may try to create some demo user and secretly log everone in on that username that users don't need to bother about registering.

Is there some way to paste something in the code to make it easily possible ?