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I get this error , I dont know why . I dont change any thing
Can you provide some context? What page was being requested on your site? Which line in which file caused the error?

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I found that same error in version 1.5.1.  

It is a result of a Question without title, content and tags. And did show up after hiding that post and then choosing hidden posts in admin menu.

Those three fields have been empty in the database. Empty not NULL as shown in other rows of the database.

Filling in something made the error disappear.

This post came from a foreign IP, it may have been a hacking or spamming result.

Question is how to avoid empty posts.
I'm pretty sure there is a minimum length for question titles and you can't set it below 1.
I am just writing down what I did find. An empty post which did show an error in question list and when hiding it the hidden posts page did show the mentioned error above. I do know that an empty post SHOULD be impossible, but for some reason it was in the database with an email adress from a country with another language.
So, the point here is to figure out HOW this can be possible and to prevent if possible.