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Hi, I get this error message: Could not establish database connection. Please check the username, password and hostname in the config file, and if necessary set up the appropriate MySQL user and privileges.

In checking error logs, it seems to be related to be related to the information I added to qa-config.php. Specifically, the server for Startlogic databases is domain.startlogicmysql.com. When I use this, there seems to be some extra symbols added although when I look for hidden characters in Textedit, there are none.

Please help me get past this error!

PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant com’ - assumed 'com’' in /hermes/bosnacweb04/bosnacweb04ba/b728/sl.tesslerf/public_html/forum/qa-config.php on line 3 
Q2A version: 1.8.3
i think some things are missing

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Try deleting that line, then paste that line, and type in your password, (do not copy and paste the password)